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Upcoming Courses

A different & more effective approach to training

We believe that a result-oriented training is the right approach for the people we train. Our methods guarantee effective results for our trainees because we bring trainers from the field and try to build on your existing experiences to enhance your capability. Our courses are built to provide you with the best practices that could save you months of research and practice to attain otherwise.  Our trainers are experts in their fields who have combined extensive practical experience and theoretical knowledge.   We are confident that you will find these programs valuable and rewarding.  We look forward to partnering with you in your development efforts.

10 reasons for why you should train with us:

  • Our training meet your realities
  • Our trainers come from the field
  • Cost effective
    • Result-oriented training
    • Designed for the Yemeni market
  • High quality developed materials
  • Courses delivered in English & Arabic
  • Easy to enroll
  • Timing of our courses fits everyone
  • High value for money